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Savings Plans

Do you already have funds?

Are you looking for cash and savings facilities?

How would you like to be £424.76 better off over the next 8 years for every £10,000 saved. You can by just appointing us as your agent – it’s free and easy.

Are you looking for banks or savings plans?

Cut the cost of investing

Avoid costly initial charges – save up to 5.5% instantly through taking our plans out (they are the same named companies as other IFA’s, but we offer them at lower commissions and charges.

If you need a bank, we can recommend those banks that come top in our surveys. We used to offer to take you through the process for free but nowadays with the additional burden of paperwork we have to charge a small fee.

How do we make savings for you?

When we arrange investments for you, we almost always give up most of our initial commission – typically 3% – and negotiate further discounts for you.

Our aim is to maximise the amount of money invested for you from the start. In fact, we can ensure 98.5% or more of your money is put to work straight away in about 700 funds – i.e. if you use a WRAP product in a QROP for example. You’ll pay an initial charge of 0.5% or less on these.


We offer products with no or minimal surrender penalties.

Within this website we offer access to mainstream life and investment products as well as savings plans on a regular and lump sum basis, and all at discounted costs. These massive savings are available because we offer our service through the internet at low cost and because our business model is not based around high commissions like most salesmen.

We offer an execution only service which is the way of obtaining the biggest cost savings and discounted costs.


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How we can help you

  • Would you prefer UK, QATAR, Singapore and Hong Kong qualified experts to provide competent advice, rather than an offshore salesman?
  • Do you want to get the best deals avoiding large commissions?
  • Would you like good advice supported by fact and knowledge?
  • Would you like a no pressure environment rather than a pressurised salesman?
  • Would you like to pay less tax and have greater investment freedom?
  • If you answered YES to these questions EME could greatly improve your financial situation.

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