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About Us

EME – the concept

EME is not just one company. It is a group of different companies who have come together to provide competitive flexible products that are not available through commission hungry salesmen.

Whilst there are quality certified or chartered advisers, wealth managers and IFA’s (The UK term for a highly qualified and knowledgeable individual or company) it is likely that are you are not talking to one of them outside of highly regulated countries like the US, UK, Australia etc.

EME will only use skilled knowledgeable regulated people. All regulators in regulated countries now provide websites that you can check the claims of your adviser. (e.g.www.fsa.gov.uk).


EME is set up to provide value products, that are totally flexible and tax efficient where possible. It provides its advice from qualified regulated individuals, and we ban salesman from applying to work for us.

Due Dilligence

Every IFA firm that signs up to advise through EME can only sell funds and plans that have had full due diligence conducted by a UK based compliance team to UK standards (reputably one of the highest in the world) and they must do a full risk analysis.

SECURITY – the products are all provided by large companies with a minimum of a solid A+ rating.

Funds we offer are regulated funds from a registered regulated country, or if a UCIS fund then they will have to be available in a regulated country such as the US or the UK.

EME – different from what you know already:

In 90% of cases we have examined, salesman have sold the highest charging highest commission products designed to give themselves the ability to have a good life – not you!

Receive professional advice with no obligation.

EME is totally independent, not owned by any single product provider or financial institution. We work solely on your behalf to ensure that you avoid paying high commissions and charges and get more for your money. All IFA’s who sign up to EME must work to the highest ethical standards and to a strict code of practice.

You decide if we are getting it right! If you are not happy, then tell us what we need to do to improve.

We bypass salesmen on high commissions who have little, if any, knowledge and sometimes no experience. They confuse matters by using the titles of American or British Advisers, Wealth managers and IFA’s, often claiming such things as being part of the world’s largest / best “IFA” etc. Their claims are often worthless and meaningless and they have no financial qualification from a reputable regulated country!

EME is set-up to combat bad practice and to recommend only reputable products to be made available at the lowest cost, and……. to be the best possible, for clients!


– is what every consumer wants, so why will the industry not provide it? – Every part of the industry appears to be geared to be earning as much money for themselves! So, the providers turn a blind eye to the salesmen generating their large commissions as they also get to put larger surrender penalties and make more money by upfront charges.

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How we can help you

  • Would you prefer UK, QATAR, Singapore and Hong Kong qualified experts to provide competent advice, rather than an offshore salesman?
  • Do you want to get the best deals avoiding large commissions?
  • Would you like good advice supported by fact and knowledge?
  • Would you like a no pressure environment rather than a pressurised salesman?
  • Would you like to pay less tax and have greater investment freedom?
  • If you answered YES to these questions EME could greatly improve your financial situation.

Contact us

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Get your FREE brochure that will save 90% of clients a lot of money

“I found EME by accident, and then it saved me a fortune! I recommend EME to all investors” Janice Mitchell
“Lowest charges and honesty – a difficult combination to beat” Mrs. Davidson
“I needed my money back in 18 months, and EME delivered, plus it made 18%!” Raul Santos