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If you’re looking for our FREE Guides or would like further information about the range of services available with ourselves then please register now!


If you are an IFA who would like to be added to our list of approved advisers and join the EME and provide the best experience for your clients then please, in the first instance, apply via email to: [email protected]

One of the 4 main directors will get back to you and talk you through an application. The application is free, but you will be asked to provide your qualifications, experience and knowledge in your preferred areas of advising.


We are not one company but several reputable IFA’s from round the world who have to sign up with high qualifications, experience and who must HAVE regulation and a compliance team.

Therefore you can speak to our central office on a UK number for further information, and so you can establish who we would recommend you speak to in your part of the world:

0044 1225 436 200 (no marketing or trade calls please)


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How we can help you

  • Would you prefer UK, QATAR, Singapore and Hong Kong qualified experts to provide competent advice, rather than an offshore salesman?
  • Do you want to get the best deals avoiding large commissions?
  • Would you like good advice supported by fact and knowledge?
  • Would you like a no pressure environment rather than a pressurised salesman?
  • Would you like to pay less tax and have greater investment freedom?
  • If you answered YES to these questions EME could greatly improve your financial situation.

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