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Do you know how much your money could be worth when you need it? Realize the power of long-term saving with our calculator. Enter the amount, a hypothetical rate of return and the number of years you plan to save.


Your potential investment return


Important Information:

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the performance of any specific investment. It does not take into effect the deduction of any fees or taxes. There is no guarantee that the rate of return selected can actually be achieved. Investments offering the potential for higher rates of return also involve a higher degree of risk.

Are you on track? Whatever your result, knowing where you stand today and whether you need to adjust your strategy (or priorities) are the first steps toward achieving your financial goals. Your financial advisor can work with you to build your strategy and help answer questions such as:

  • What's my comfort level with risk? How does that affect my investment choices?
  • If I take a more or less aggressive approach, how might this impact my return?
  • What are the tax implications I need to think about?

Contact your local financial advisor to discuss what steps you can take today to get you on a path toward success in the future.


Your choice to make


EME recommendations will not lock your money away

As an EME client, you will form part of our positive story

“This is the best review website for offshore products that I have read.”


Over the years, we have spoken with numerous investors that have made an investment that didn’t grow as they were told. The markets maybe? Or maybe a poor selection of funds?

Well, possibly. The common factor however, was always the large amount of initial commission that an adviser took and that there was no follow-up service.

EME provides the solution that would have benefited these investors and will benefit you. You can invest in a product without the high initial commissions and the high ongoing charges that accompany the commissions. Oh, and there are no penalties when you want to access your money!

Invest via EME and you will have the option of ongoing investment services through partners all within an investment vehicle that does not have those high initial commissions and the high surrender penalties in the early years. Investing via EME will give you the peace of mind to invest your money in the knowledge that it can grow and you can access your investment when you want to.

Making an investment is easy. Simply go through our online application and you will have an investment that really does have the opportunity to grow.

We are EME, and through us, you can have an investment plan that will work for you. Become part of the EME story by starting your savings plan through our recommended partners, or by transferring your pension to a competitive low charged alternative.

EME is changing the way people save for their future!

“95% of your fellow EME members would refer their family and friends to us. Become one of the 95% and put a smile on your face.”

Expat Money Expert (EME) has revolutionised the international savings and investment market. We provide savings and investment plans through partners where your money really can grow! EME is the only company that is providing these savings and investment plans direct to non UK clients with the option of no commission and low charges! With reduced charges; no nasty penalties and all the top licensed investment funds available via our recommended option, EME provides the best opportunity for your money to grow with optional ongoing investment services. This tried and tested approach is already in place in countries such as Australia and the UK, and our clients tell us it works. Join the revolution and see your money have the potential to grow!

In a study, 95% of our investors said they would invest more with us and refer their friends. In fact, our partners obtain more business from referrals than from anywhere else.


Who is Expat Money Expert?

ExpatMoneyExpert started as an independent marketing brand chosen to advance the cause of positive investing. We are a forward thinking organisation that cares for our readers and strives to push the boundaries by providing the most efficient savings and investment plans, whilst being honest with our reviews. ExpatMoneyExpert founders were once “clients” whose story included being recommended poor commission driven products; they wanted to do something about it and set-up ExpatMoneyExpert in 2010.

They received great feedback and realised they needed to team up with somebody who were prepared to actually process the products with a client based ethos which avoided the large commissions. Diligently, they set about finding a company and in 2014 they started work with Aisa Group who have advisers in several countries. Aisa Group are a multi-award winning company with experienced and highly qualified financial advisers. They hold all the necessary qualifications and licences; and meet MiFID and IMD regulations in the EU, as well as being individually regulated in several countries such as the U.K., U.S.A., South Africa and others. The Aisa Group has partners in several main regulated territories such as Australia, Hong Kong and Dubai; all of whom are regulated in those territories.

In 2016 Expat Money Expert is proud to launch its new look website, and it has negotiated with Aisa Group to offer all its recommended investment products direct to consumers without large advisor charges. The combination of ExpatMoneyExpert independent reviews and Aisa Group rebates makes a compelling argument for anyone.

Due Diligence

All the plans we provide have had full due diligence conducted by a UK based compliance team to UK standards, which is one of the highest in the world. Behind the compliance comes other specialists for our recommended investment product, such as an investment team. This team provides model portfolios for our recommended plan and meets quarterly to monitor and amend the funds as necessary. The focus is on consistency of performance, year on year and not on the latest fund!

If you are comfortable in making the plan and investment decisions yourself, you can establish a plan without advice. This is called ‘execution only’. If advice is provided, then an online risk analysis will be completed and a fact find carried out to identify your personal circumstances before providing a written report.


The products are all provided by large companies with a minimum of a solid A+ rating

EME insist that funds or equities offered are from a registered regulated country, such as the US or the UK, parts of the EU or similar.

“I found EME by accident, and then it saved me a fortune! I recommend EME to all investors”Janice Mitchell
“Lowest charges and honesty – a difficult combination to beat”Mrs Davidson
“I needed my money back in 18 months, and EME delivered, plus it made 18%!”Raul Santos