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If you are here then it is because you want to be like 95% of investors and want to be with Expat Money Expert and do what an adviser / salesman cannot do.

By going direct, choose how you want to receive your bonus:

1. Rebate to your investment the commission the adviser would have earned

2. Select a product without a commission

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1 We provide you with ongoing active fund management, giving you the opportunity for improved returns

2 We cover the brands and products you, our clients, want as we are wholly independent

3 Access to companies regulated in over 30 countries including: UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain, France and rest of EU including Switzerland

4 We offer recommended zero-commission (no hidden charges) products and funds, or

5 We rebate the salesman’s commission into your chosen products to boost your returns

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tick 95% of EME Investors are better off than going through a salesman or adviser

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